Tunisia Calls Off Int’l Quran Competition

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  • News source: http://www.iqna.ir

Summary TEHRAN (IQNA) – The international Quran competition of Tunisia will not be held this year, officials said.

The North African country’s religious affairs ministry officials said the plan for training 100,000 Quran memorizers is the reason for cancellation of the contest.

They say that implementing the plan requires a large budget and that with the limited budget available, it has been given priority over some other programs, including the international Quran contest.

The plan for training memorizers of the Holy Quran started in Tunisia in March.

It aims to help 100,000 Tunisians learn the Quran by heart in a three-year period, according to Fars news agency.

The international Quran competition of Tunisia is annually held in the country’s capital of Tunis with the participation of Quran reciters and memorizers from various Muslim and non-Muslim states.

Iranians Amin Pouya, Hassan Danesh and Mehdi Shayeq have won the top title in the competition in the past few years.