Qom Seminary believes Nigerian army is trying to kill Sheikh Zakzaky

  • News Code : 2250
  • News source: شفقنا

Summary A spokesman for the Hawzah or the Shia Seminary of Qom has warned about an uprising against the Nigerian government, army and said the military is trying to murder the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria while he is still detained.

Hujjatul-islam Rafa’ati said it is to the benefit of both the Nigerian army and the government in Abuja to provide Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky with medical care and send him to any country they suit.

The Iranian cleric told Shafaqna that based on news coming from Sheikh Zakzaky’s son –Mohammad- and the IMN deputy chief, the health condition of the leader of the Shia community is poor and unhealthy diet has led to his poisoning.

He added that Nigerian Shia and Sunni Muslims as well as Christians march every week in protest to the continuation of Sheikh Zakzaky’s arrest. Hujjatul-islam Rafa’ati said the Shia seminary of Qom considers Sheikh Zakzaky’s detention “illegal”.

He added the Iranian officials have done all their best to help the Shia scholar and will continue with their diplomatic efforts but at the same time, international community and human rights groups should follow up his case. According to Hujjatul-islam Rafa’ati if needed we should have talks even with Wahabbi groups who yield power in Nigeria in a bid to force Nigerian army free the jailed scholar.