A Translation of Quran into Ebira Unveiled in Nigeria

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  • News source: شفقنا

Summary In a ceremony in Kogi state of Nigeria, the first translation of the Holy Quran into the Ebira language was unveiled .

ccording to Tawasul website, the ceremony was held by the local government of the region on May 4.

It was addressed by Abdulmumin Ahmad Okar, representative of Kogi State’s local government and Adnan Busatji, the Saudi ambassador to Nigeria.

The ambassador elaborated on the activities of the Quran Printing Complex in Medina, which has funded the publication of the translation, and said that it has published more than 310 million copies of the Holy Quran as well as Quran translations in more than 70 languages, including 18 African languages.

He also gifted 500 Quran copies to the Central Mosque of the state at the end of the program.

Ebira (also known as Igbira, Okpoto, Okene) is a Niger-Congo language. It is spoken by around a million people in Kogi State, North central Nigeria.